Workers Compensation Assistance (W.C.A.)

Benefits to YOU 


  • YOU will have peace of mind that YOUR risk regarding accidents in YOUR business and premises are taken care of as much as is possible


  • YOU will be compliant with this very serious part of business and that can save YOU lots of money in the long run.


  • YOU will have peace of mind that YOUR customers and suppliers are up to date with their W.C.A. submissions which reduce the risk to YOUR business.


  • YOU will have peace of mind that YOU have correct and safe systems and procedures in place that reduce YOUR risk in YOUR business


What we do 


  • We ensure that YOUR business is properly registered. It is a legal requirement to register even if YOU only have one employee in YOUR business, namely YOURSELF.


  • If YOUR own employee or that of a customer or supplier is hurt or killed on YOUR premises (owned or leased) it will have very serious consequences such as the Department of Labour closing the business during their investigations, close down the business or even jail sentences for senior people in the business.


  • We can advise YOU regarding the rules of W.C.A.


  • We can audit and ensure that all YOUR safety procedures are compliant with W.C.A. requirements.


  • We can set up a safety presentation for YOUR business. All employees must have regular safety inductions, even employees that have been off work for two weeks or more (i.e. annual leave, sick leave, etc). Proper records must be kept.


  • We can run a project to get YOUR customers and suppliers to submit their up to date W.C.A. documents, by obtaining all their Letters of Good Standing.


  • We keep a proper register of when each Letter of Good Standing must be renewed. 


  • W.C.A. documents (Letter of Good Standing) must be renewed each year.


  • Projects such as proposed above can be tried in-house. It has been proven that this approach is not effective as in-house people are always “overworked” and do not realize the importance and urgency of such a project so there is always something more urgent for them to do. Rather outsource this function to CBSN who knows the importance and urgency of the project and that will make resources available to get it done.


  • We care about YOU and YOUR business!


  • We keep to our agreed deadlines, always, every time.


Be compliant before somebody gets hurt!