Microsoft end user training

Benefits to YOU 


  • YOUR employees will work faster, better and more productive with the crucial skills that they will learn through our training.


  • YOU will see that this is not only courses that YOUR employees attend; IT’s A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.


  • YOU will receive very competitive ratesRates remain the same whether the course is Introduction, Intermediate or Advanced.


  • YOU don’t waste money. Pre-assessments are done to ensure that candidates are enrolled at the correct level of training.


  • Free re-booking of courses should YOUR candidates not be able to attend (no penalties charged).


  • Evening classes afford individuals not having to take time off work or to take leave to attend.


  • Classes are kept small and manageable to ensure that candidates get personal attention (maximum of 10 people per class).


  • Unlimited FREE Review Sessions (questions and answers format) for candidates at our offices.




What we do 


  • We provide extensive training (Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced) on Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word.


  • minimum of five candidates are charged for. Our competition may charge for even a minimum of ten candidates. 


  •  We care about YOU and YOUR business.


  •  We keep to our agreed deadlines, always, every time.


Knowledge and skill = improved abilities!