Supplier tax invoices

Benefits to YOU 


  • YOU will have peace of mind that all YOUR supplier tax invoices are legally compliant for YOU to legally claim input VAT on it without any comeback from the SARS (South African Revenue Service).


GUARANTEE: If for whatever reason CBSN does not meet its agreed deadline, YOU only pay for the portion of work done and the rest of the work CBSN will complete for FREE. Terms apply. 


What we do 


  •  We run a project to determine that all supplier tax invoices comply with the VAT law.


  • Projects such as proposed above can be tried in-house. It has been proven that this approach is not effective as in-house people are always “overworked” and do not realize the importance and urgency of such a project so there is always something more urgent for them to do. Rather outsource this function to CBSN who knows the importance and urgency of the project and that will make resources available to get it done.


  •  We care about YOU and YOUR business.


  • We keep to our agreed deadlines, always, every time.


Are they compliant?