Company policies and procedures

Benefits to YOU 


  •  YOU will have peace of mind that you have proper policies and procedures in place that gives structure to YOUR business and YOUR workforce.


  •  YOU will have a proper disciplinary code in place to deal with any misconduct.


  •  YOU will have peace of mind that all employees know their rights and obligations as well as the business’s rights and obligations.


  • YOU will be negating the risk to YOUR business of employees stating that they did not know the rules. 


  • YOU will have peace of mind that YOUR employees are properly trained regarding the rules of the business.


  • YOU will approve the policies and procedures before it is implemented. 


What we do 


  • We draft proper policies and procedures (inclusive of a disciplinary code) to ensure that YOUR business is covered. 


  •  As an independent party it is advisable that we distribute these policies and procedures to YOUR employees and get their agreement. It must be noted that it is not a negotiation, but an informative session. YOUR employees will be trained on the policies and procedures before they sign of acceptance of it. Proper record of this training is kept.


  •  We care about YOU and YOUR business.


  •  We keep to our agreed deadlines, always, every time.


What I may or may not do!