Monthly business health analysis

Benefits to YOU


  • YOU receive a valuable financial analysis of YOUR business that can be used in conjunction to YOUR other information to manage YOUR business in the most effective way.


  • YOU are empowered to determine where YOUR business’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities lie.


  • YOU are empowered to determine items such as where possible savings can be made, etc.


  • YOU will be able to distinguish trends in YOUR business the more months are analysed.


  • YOU will be able to determine whether YOUR business is still going in the desired direction or whether YOU need to make adjustments to YOUR business model.


This service is free should we not meet the agreed deadlines (conditions apply). 


What we do 


  • We analyse YOUR business’s financial information through various financial ratios and methods.


  • Each of these tell its own story.


  • The results are communicated to YOU in a face-to-face meeting in easy to understand terminology. 


  • We care about YOU and YOUR business


  • We keep to our agreed deadlines – always, every time.


A healthy business is always a good investment!