Forensic audits

Benefits to YOU 


  • YOU will have peace of mind that YOUR systems have been audited and tested to ensure that YOU minimize the risk of YOUR business falling prey to this modern “sickness” that plagues many businesses.


What we do 


  • We perform forensic audits to trace suggested possible fraud, weaknesses in your systems and how to practically “tighten” these controls


  • Some quick statistics:
  • 11 million of the 19 million (58%) economically active consumers in South Africa are over-indebted – SAHRC. 
  • They owe 75% or more to debt payments every month – SAHRC.
  • 77% of South African economic active consumers are flat broke – Debt Rescue.
  • This ties in with the 77% economic crime rate in South Africa – PWC’s Economic Crime and Fraud Survey (2018).
  • 3 in every 4 employees will steal from YOU given the opportunity – US Chamber of commerce. 
  • and so the statistics continues. 


  • Companies with less than a 100 employees are especially vulnerable.


  • We care about YOU and YOUR business!


  • We keep to our agreed deadlines, always, every time.


Do not become yet another statistic!