Collection of book debt

Benefits to YOU 


  • YOU are ensured that YOUR monies are collected fast and on time.


  • YOU are ensured that YOUR cash flow will benefit maximum from this.


  • YOU are ensured of a low cost for this service


  • YOU are ensured that, because we use different people for these collections, no familiarity is built between YOUR customers and our employees which may lead to unnecessary extensions unless YOU instruct the extension to a customer.


  • YOU are ensured that YOUR customers are dealt with in a professional manner, always.


GUARANTEE: If for whatever reason CBSN does not meet its agreed deadline, YOU only pay for the portion of work done and the rest of the work CBSN will complete for FREE (excludes Government institutions). Terms apply.


What we do 


  • We collect YOUR book of debt in a professional manner.


  • We place the necessary pressure on YOUR customers to make prompt payment within their terms.


  • We use different people for collections from month to month to avoid familiarity developing between YOUR client and our staff.


  • We care about YOU and YOUR business. 


  • We keep to our agreed deadlines, always, every time.


Good collections = maximum cash flow!